My art is all about exhuberant color. I love to play with different colors, seeing how they interact, how they define the emerging shapes and can balance the composition.

The subject matter is varied - landscapes, figures, strange animals!

My medium is acrylic paint on canvas, employing several styles that range from hard-edge pop to more "painterly” figure and landscape studies. But even as the subject matter varies, all the work is tied together by my love of bold, brilliant color.

The paintings always begin with a “real” image that has engaged me - perhaps a magazine advertisement or a newspaper clipping - that will be abstracted during the painting process. Bold contrasts of light and shadow allow me to define the shapes. In this way the canvas is connected to reality, but is not "realistic. "

The initial image is only a framework to hang the colors on, and the painting process is very dynamic. I draw with the brush directly on the canvas; often I work wet-on-wet, sometimes  not even washing the brush  between different colors. By tossing the sometimes-disparate colors together, I embrace accident. Although there is  tension in the process, the results are rewarding.

As someone once said, "Sometimes the magic works! "